Management Team

At Blue Donkey, the sum is always greater than its parts. From top to tail, the whole company is aware of where we have come from and where we plan to be, and we all share the responsibility for getting there.

Uncovering the best opportunities for our family of clients takes experience and passion. We take pride in the fact that each individual plays a crucial role in achieving client goals. We attract hard working, well-educated, professional and enthusiastic people to our business, and so keep the Blue Donkey family at the peak of our industry.

Blue Donkey’s award winning management team share over 100 years of telemarketing, training, IT, and marketing experience between them. Our creative, can-do culture and passion means we’ll always have the resources needed to generate breath-taking results. We do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and get the most from your brief.

Sureya Paul  Charlie


Trainer, tele-agency, and consultant for a broad blue chip client base

Favourite quote:
“If Blue Donkey can’t do it, it can’t be done” – Competitor


Creating company changing insights from transformational ICT systems

Favourite film line:
“Data, data, I need input”


Loves working with people to achieve their goals and be the best they can be.

Favourite quote: “To dare is to do…”


Determined to get results – where others have failed

Favourite phrase:
“While the big are busy getting bigger, the small are busy getting better”



Campaigns managed with meticulous care

Favourite pastime:
List making and diary reminders (PS. note to self…)


Client Quote:

I have attended three Blue Donkey appointments; all three were good quality leads.

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