Who Are Blue Donkey

Blue Donkey is an award-winning B2B telemarketing company. As dedicated outbound B2B specialists, we’ve never done anything else. Unlike most agencies today who’ve added B2B telemarketing as an afterthought, at Blue Donkey we believe that to make really special calls, you need intelligent telemarketing in your DNA.

Having rejected the typical, scripted call-centre methods that dominate the industry, Blue Donkey provides a tailor-made approach to become the voice of some of the world’s most important B2B brands.


Blue Donkey was established in 1997. Our distinctive name comes from our very first home, the 17th century tavern based in Cambridgeshire. Some 21 years on, many of our clients still remember our distinctive office with affection and we have retained the name Blue Donkey to this day.

Our mission: to be a B2B telemarketing company with a difference. We set out to meet the emergent ‘intelligent telemarketing’ needs of companies during the Cambridge “Silicon Fen” boom of 1990s.


The invisible compelling voice of your business

Client Quote:

I'm happy with the activity and the leads coming through, so thanks again for your hard work, please keep them coming!