At Blue Donkey we are always on the lookout for new talented individuals to join our dedicated team of business development professionals.

You’ll be well educated, have competent IT skills and more than anything be a strong communicator. You’ll listen more than speak and have a compelling commitment to the power of relationship based marketing.

If you understand the difference people and their personal passions make to an organisation, call us today. Blue Donkey pay some of the best salaries in our sector, and our training is second to none.

How to apply

Email and tell us why you want to work with Blue Donkey (and attach a CV)

Working at Blue Donkey

The thing that really distinguishes Blue Donkey is that we’re committed to looking after our people. We think that our work is really exciting, and it’s going a long way to turning preconceptions about telemarketing on their head. Blue Donkey does not use scripts and we never would. We don’t offer telesales jobs; in fact, no person that has worked for Blue Donkey has ever sold anything over the phone!

Blue Donkey is a financially stable company and we have no external investors. Our company is fiercely independent, owned solely by people who work for the business. It is a family business which means that everybody that joins Blue Donkey as either a client or as part of the team, become extended members of that family.

We’re a training organisation, which means that our employees have access to award-winning skills development which has been recognised as some of the best in the country. All Blue Donkey employees will spend at least 10 per cent of their working lives in some form of training, briefing, or monitoring capacity. We believe Blue Donkey is the only company in the entire industry that truly recognises the value of human capital. We invest in the success of every single person in our organisation, and if you leave Blue Donkey to pursue other goals, you do so with unparalleled training and communication skills.

The other great thing about Blue Donkey is that clients genuinely enjoy working with us. In turn, when a new client company joins the Blue Donkey family, everybody shares in that achievement.

We offer good pay and conditions, and as a family friendly company we try to be flexible with hours. Often, parents at Blue Donkey can have a rewarding days work and still be at the school gates in time for their children.

So, for a small company based in the Fens, we’ve been punching above our weight for years. Blue Donkey has always been a major influence in our industry in raising standards and in a time where much of our industry is outsourced abroad, Blue Donkey is calling all over the world on behalf of our clients. Our quality and commitment is reflected in our ISO 9001 quality accreditation. Join Blue Donkey, and join the “best in breed”!

Client Quote:

I have attended three Blue Donkey appointments; all three were good quality leads.