Customer Satisfaction Survey Company

Blue Donkey approach the process of carryong out a customer satisfaction survey using techniques that involve your customers in unique ways. We can cover your customers’ complete range of roles – directors, managers, receptionists. As one of the leading customer satisfaction survey companies, our experienced team interact with them intelligently – as you would expect from Blue Donkey.

Our market research product uses special methods to feed back robust, quantitative and qualitative data. We deliver this data in a really effective package which helps you to improve your business modelling.

Customer satisfaction surveys – we help you find the gold dust

So at Blue Donkey, we translate complex data into clear commercial solutions and aim to help you uncover new routes to market that you may never have considered. We’re experts at finding and interpolating the statistical “gold dust” hiding within the lines of research data, often by probing information that has been given unwittingly.

Blue Donkey will make sure you find any result that can help transform your business. That’s why, as a customer satisfaction survey company, we ensure our product forms an integral part of our service offerings, and why we’re in demand by top companies around the world.

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