What sectors does Blue Donkey specialise in?

Blue Donkey have years of experience specialising across the following sectors;

  • Pharmaceutical, medical – No names policies don’t make us turn-tail and flee
  • Financial services – Uncovering finance insight takes experience, trust building and credibility
  • Business services – Gently probing competitor intelligence and deep-diving customer needs
  • Professional services – Sourcing renewal dates, review periods, premiums, and challenging competitor strongholds
  • Manufacturing – Friday afternoon is the graveyard zone

We are specialists because we don’t just talk to potential buyers, we draw them into meaningful dialogue about what they actually need, and the changing dynamics in their industry. Hence we get to know sectors really well, and we bring those resources and capabilities to the table with new campaigns.

We seek out the best data; we aim to create a fertile matrix of key decision makers and influencers for each organisation; we spend the time needed to capitalise on the best relationships for our client. In short, by speaking intelligently at the highest possible level in sectors we know really well, Blue Donkey will get under the skin of buyers to create the best opportunities for our clients to close.

Isn’t it an activity that we could do in-house?

Yes it is, and if that’s your preference we can help you create the management and training tools to ensure your team reach a peak quickly and reliably. Your team will need the correct ongoing training, motivation, and management resources to consistently generate results.

However, managing productive tele-teams is labour intensive and unless the tools are in place to keep teams constantly informed about their progress, and involved with continuous benchmarking, the effort will wither and die.

In today’s business environment, the cost of getting it wrong can far exceed any perceived savings. Blue Donkey’s clients work with us because they know that they can selectively source our services, that we are ISO 9001 quality standard accredited, intelligent specialists in outbound B2B telemarketing, and that when it comes to telemarketing companies, we are ‘best in breed’!

Our training, coaching, MI systems and routines allow us to optimise efficiency and effectiveness for every minute of your campaign. Hence results invariably exceed any possible savings available by keeping such activities in- house. On the contrary, in-house teams can be significantly more capital intensive than outsourcing due to their high maintenance demands for project management.

What makes Blue Donkey special?

We are genuinely passionate about the great things good telemarketing can achieve. By treating every call as if it were our only call, Blue Donkey optimises the performance of outbound telemarketing campaigns to realise the highest possible returns. We distinguish our services with complete campaign transparency and up-to-the-minute reporting for our clients’ campaigns – we’re with you every step of the way. Blue Donkey offers comprehensive, real time reporting, extensive IT infrastructure, bespoke call-logging systems, and custom call recording suites, all brought together in state of the art multisite operations. The strength of our capabilities is borne out by Blue Donkey’s exceptional blue chip client list.

How would you be able to understand the context of our company activity?

This is one of the most important things Blue Donkey does, and what sets us apart from the crowd. We take the time to make sure that we understand your company and goals – from your people, products, and services, to your customers and the market environment. We often begin a project by undertaking a pilot test, which provides both intrinsic value and an excellent roadmap for how the overall project should proceed.

Do you use scripts?

As the pace of change is far faster than ever before, using static formula like scripts, prompts or call flow tools simply cannot adapt quickly enough to be effective anymore. Scripts were always inappropriate in telemarketing (how often do you use one) and nothing should replace the power of human sincerity. Our candour and can-do make for energetic and intelligent campaigns that are always unique, and continually responsive to ever-changing industry dynamics.

Blue Donkey is fiercely unscripted. Although much of our work requires particular questions to be asked in order to uncover needs and relevance, we weave this content into the intelligent two-way dialogue techniques that we implement with every call we make. Our people are industry leaders in this field – intuitive, responsive experts who are excellent communicators and consummate professionals.

How do you regulate your activity?

As members of the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), we abide by the most stringent rules of the industry, and are consistent industry leaders in best practice. We are registered under the Data Protection Act and are have achieved the rigorous global quality standard ISO 9001.

How do we decide if Blue Donkey can help us?

Pick up the phone and give us a call, we’re always delighted to discuss your business objectives and key success factors. We can go over your ambitions for sales and marketing, and look at where we can help you meet and exceed your goals. Our MBA level understanding means we can relate to and enrich your ideas with our own. Our detailed knowledge means we are uniquely positioned to relate to and share your pressures and expectations well beyond the industry norm.

What involvement do we have with our campaign?

When you join Blue Donkey we invite you to be close, inquisitive and forward looking. By working together this way, we feel synergies can be completely exploited. We’ll make the best of your product or service strengths, to maximise the reach and achievement of your campaign.

In contrast, when you need us to be self-sufficient and at arm’s length, you’ll want to deliver a brief, talk through the criteria and key success factors, and then just trust us to get on with it. That’s fine too. Our up to the second reporting delivers enough detailed intelligence about each dial and contact so you’re kept completely in the loop and in control at all times.

Client Quote:

I'm happy with the activity and the leads coming through, so thanks again for your hard work, please keep them coming!