Life Giving Donkeys

Support our donkey aid project – Help Africa Feed Itself

For every quote produced Blue Donkey will donate £10 to our Ethiopian Send a Donkey (or a cow) programme.

Donkeys In Africa – Courtesy of Dr Stephen Purdy, University of Massachusetts

In Ethiopia, a donkey costs half the annual family income and is considered the most important possession a family can own. If not for the donkey, most families would not be able to support themselves.

There are approximately 90 million donkeys at work in third world nations. Their contribution to subsistence farming and the basic economy of such countries is enormous. The donkey is the workhorse that powers the subsistence based agricultural industry that supports the populations of these nations.

Healthy donkeys mean healthier children to the families who incorporate them in the cultivation of their land. They are an integral part of the economic structure. In Ethiopia, when a donkey dies, the women cling together and weep.

Thanks to the work of our charity partner Send A Cow, together we can help these families by donating the funds to support their very own donkey. All you have to do is request a quote today and leave the rest to us.*

* We do this for every documented proposal sent as opposed to just every call we receive where we ‘quote’ our hourly rate for example

Client Quote:

I am absolutely delighted with the work you have done for us. One call this week really showed me what a great job you and your team are doing for me….. We called a customer following the lead, and the customer said “You really do have a great telesales team, I have never accepted an appointment from any other provider as I am extremely happy with the existing one. They were able to convince me that I needed to see you”. Just what I want you to do…Thanks so much!

Life Giving Donkeys