At Blue Donkey, we’ve invested heavily in IT infrastructure. Our world-class, bespoke platforms have chalked up many accreditations for CRM innovation and successful campaign implementations that our external and internal IT gurus cooked up for us based on our clients’ needs.

Blue Donkey’s technology makes a series of comprehensive and meaningful reports available at the touch of a button, providing our clients with an incredibly detailed level of information in an accessible format. Our exclusive technology exists to support your every need and offer total transparency right down to the last minute of your campaign.

The mere mention of “automation” in the telemarketing context can strike fear into the hearts of businesses! And whilst it’s true that poor implementations exist in the industry, at Blue Donkey, we’ve created innovative solutions that improve key efficiencies without compromising reputations. At Blue Donkey, we do NOT use automated diallers! We do NOT use predictive diallers! And we do NOT use answer machine detection systems!

However, we DO ensure the very best practice in B2B marketing. In fact Blue Donkey’s 10 year contribution to DMA (Direct Marketing Association) guidance means our voice has become a force for good in the telemarketing industry helping raising the bar for best practice not just basic compliance.

Security is a mission critical priority at Blue Donkey. Multiple top tier data centres with continuous back-up form the beating heart of Blue Donkey’s sophisticated cloud based infrastructure, ensuring maximum continuity and confidence.

Complex logging protocols, and our robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure ensures both the ability and flexibility required to integrate with our clients’ systems. At Blue Donkey, we host our own databases internally for maximum control and client confidence, but we have the ability to link in and synchronise with most other mainstream CRM packages.


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Client Quote:

For a first meeting it couldn't have got any better