Intellingent B2B telemarketing. Blue Donkey is an award-winning B2B telemarketing company based in the UK.

As dedicated outbound B2B specialists, we’ve never done anything else. Unlike most agencies and telemarketing companies in the UK today who’ve added B2B telemarketing as an afterthought, at Blue Donkey we believe that to make really special calls, you need intelligent telemarketing in your DNA. Having rejected the typical, scripted call-centre methods that dominate the industry, Blue Donkey provides a tailor-made approach to become the voice of some of the world’s most important B2B brands.

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telemarketing Blue Donkey Is An Award-Winning B2B Telemarketing Company

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Blue Donkey has been rated as “strong” in a new analysis of UK telemarketing companies. This is the highest accolade awarded and reflects our excellent performance over the last 12 months (Plimsoll report 2020). We have a long history creating powerful new business opportunities for successful brands, some of which have been a part of our client family for 25 years.

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Who will you trust with the integrity of your brand?

When engaging your telemarketing agency the people representing your brand are important to you. Speak to Blue Donkey about how a truly intelligent approach can help maximise potential and create enduring impactful relationships.

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25 years of campaign success for leading global brands with unscripted telemarketing

The right call, from a credible, well informed individual will nurture outcomes that can transform your company’s performance. Our bedrock is the principle of intelligent communication – our expert human touch. Blue Donkey is the only agency in the UK recognised as a Centre of Excellence in outbound B2B telemarketing and ONLY that.

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Why Blue Donkey?

Blue Donkey has a long history creating powerful new business opportunities for successful brands, some of which have been a precious part of our client family for 25 years. When engaging your telemarketing agency, if you feel the people representing your brand are important to you, speak to Blue Donkey about how a truly intelligent approach can help maximise potential and create enduring impactful relationships.

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Why B2B telemarketing?

The challenge of high-quality lead generation, and consistent return on marketing investment (ROI) is a difficult task in B2B marketing. Moreover, the connections made by marketing and sales teams in B2B have never been so important. B2B telemarketing offers a unique opportunity to reach potential buyers, in a systematic and measurable way. Done well, telemarketing can make a powerful and measurable difference to sales success.

Well executed telemarketing will enable a business to find new clients, research potential markets, and promote a product or service. It can test small segments to inform and empower innovative marketing strategies on scale.

DMA (Direct Marketing Association)

So when faced with the decision of whether or not to take the leap into outsourced B2B telemarketing, here are some pointers that may help you decide…

More and more companies are recognising the need for outsourcing their B2B telemarketing because it has become such a specialist skill. So much so, internal team members can struggle to learn the competencies and disciplines associated with successful, systematic B2B telemarketing. Often doing it in-house, at best works for a while, and then quickly loses its effectiveness.

Business to business (B2B) marketing is very different to business to consumer (B2C) marketing (which here at Blue Donkey we have never and would never engage in). In B2B marketing, sales values are generally much higher, sales cycles are longer, data volumes are lower, and competition is tougher as most B2B markets have some form of saturation, therefore each record is precious and the call needs to be exceptional.

As consumers we often make transactional purchasing decisions, on impulse or based on sentiment. B2B decision makers rarely buy in this way because they are accountable for how company resources are deployed. Hence trust, reputation, and the securing of enduring relationships is important for long-term success in B2B marketing.

Unlike many other telemarketing companies, Blue Donkey takes likeability seriously. Over the years, we’ve won a showcase of awards for our customer focused philosophy, distinctive business personality and unique approach. We’re also incredibly proud of our ISO:9001 accreditation, reflecting our commitment to our workforce and client base.

For B2B telemarketing to provide an enduring pipeline of new business, intelligent dialog from commercially aware, skilled communicators is vital. Some of our clients have worked with the Blue Donkey family for over two decades benefiting from on-going ROI success. Their data is called in appropriate cycles, ensuring all potential and existing customers’ needs are probed and met, helping maintain the client brand as a provider of choice. At Blue Donkey we monitor campaign success down to the last minute and the last dial of each hour, in doing so we make sure there’s value in every moment of your telemarketing.

In B2B marketing, the database is an important contributor to success. How we select, source, audition and communicate with potential buyers is defined by their scarcity. At Blue Donkey every record has the potential to become the ‘game changer’ client, so each contact is designed to draw vital insight out, and put compelling information in, both about the reasons they should engage with one supplier over another, and about how their needs can be better met. When qualifying decision maker contacts, we always obtain GDPR opt-in consent as standard, and of course everything we do is fully compliant with up-to-the-minute best practice.

We segment and target meticulously so only carefully selected records, in tiny sets, are added to the database, based on their homogeneous needs. Its critical in B2B marketing, and especially B2B telemarketing that only well qualified data is put in the top of the marketing cycle, to make the B2B telemarketing activity as efficient and effective as possible. Why waste time calling the wrong people? Additionally we can work with your existing data or we’ll source data on your behalf, likewise we can work from your CRM or build a database that’s customised to your specific requirements.

Timely and meaningful communication is fundamental in all B2B marketing, even more so for B2B telemarketing where a well-placed call at the right time, to the right decision maker could provide your company’s next big success story.

Asking intelligent questions, listening carefully to identify real needs, presenting the information that matters to each unique buyer, and their individual commercial backdrop are all key facets of intelligent B2B telemarketing. After 25 years of specialising only in the art of B2B telemarketing, professional, best in breed calls is in our DNA! Whether it’s an art or a science, by probing the database a successful organisation can often trace back their most defining relationships to a single humble call.

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100% of Clients Would Recommend Blue Donkey to a Friend or Colleague

An excellent lead , all the sales people were very pleased with this as it was exactly the type of opportunity they are looking for; prospect site, heavily involved in competitor and looking to change! Fits the brief perfectly…

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You’ve made contacts with the right people, and the meetings you’ve set up have been on target every time! Paul has made a consistently good impression in his calls, I could not have asked for a better partner throughout.

Managing Director / MarComms Company - Corporates

Jane said “money spent with Blue Donkey is going to be more money back in our pockets, we are delighted … we have had eight converted clients from the appointments booked this year so far.”

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Our measure of success is the same as yours – positive performance on your bottom line.

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