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Our market research uniquely engages your marketplace by gently probing and gathering the information offered. Intelligent open questions help us penetrate the top layers of response to uncover real attitude, opinion and thought.

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Our highly-trained team can cover an entire spectrum of roles in your target organisations, from Directors to Managers, to user groups or Receptionists. We use specialist market research methods to uncover and feedback robust quantitative and qualitative data, including industry insights and anecdotal extracts which we deliver in a highly effective package to help you enhance your business modelling. From big-picture to subtle, Blue Donkey use intelligent dialogue to capture the real essence of what your market thinks and wants. At Blue Donkey, we translate complex data into unambiguous feedback. We can help you uncover new routes to market that you may never have considered. Blue Donkey won’t let you miss any result that can help transform your business.

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An excellent lead , all the sales people were very pleased with this as it was exactly the type of opportunity they are looking for; prospect site, heavily involved in competitor and looking to change! Fits the brief perfectly…

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You’ve made contacts with the right people, and the meetings you’ve set up have been on target every time! Paul has made a consistently good impression in his calls, I could not have asked for a better partner throughout.

Managing Director / MarComms Company - Corporates

Jane said “money spent with Blue Donkey is going to be more money back in our pockets, we are delighted … we have had eight converted clients from the appointments booked this year so far.”

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B2B Telemarketing

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