B2B Inbound Telemarketing

Inbound Telemarketing

At Blue Donkey, we don’t just handle outbound B2B telemarketing calls – we also provide unparalleled “live” inbound B2B call handling to link a human face to your company’s sales processes in real-time. We are experts at building relationships and fostering the very best customer care practices and integrating flawlessly with our client’s internal processes.

Build Relationships Build Relationships

Experts at Building Relationships

Blue Donkey’s teams are friendly, skilled, and graduate-calibre people who create excellent value for your organisation. We are dedicated to converting enquiries to business opportunities seamlessly and “effortlessly”. We provide several inbound call centre services. This includes B2B Inbound Telemarketing for responsive handling, GDPR compliant data processing, and internet enquiries. Blue Donkey also provides inbound customer care lines for leading international organisations. We will integrate with your direct mail and email marketing to follow up or progress enquiries. All inbound telemarketing campaigns have their own unique telephone number and fully customised systems so that calls are answered seamlessly in your brand and company persona as if you were answering the call yourself. Specialist inbound database management tools mean every call can be traced, tracked from inception right through to conversion, providing measurable outcomes on your direct marketing campaigns.

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Inbound Telemarketing uk best top rated
Inbound Telemarketing uk best top rated

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100% of Clients Would Recommend Blue Donkey to a Friend or Colleague

An excellent lead , all the sales people were very pleased with this as it was exactly the type of opportunity they are looking for; prospect site, heavily involved in competitor and looking to change! Fits the brief perfectly…

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You’ve made contacts with the right people, and the meetings you’ve set up have been on target every time! Paul has made a consistently good impression in his calls, I could not have asked for a better partner throughout.

Managing Director / MarComms Company - Corporates

Jane said “money spent with Blue Donkey is going to be more money back in our pockets, we are delighted … we have had eight converted clients from the appointments booked this year so far.”

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B2B Inbound Telemarketing. We’ll call you back for your tailor-made approach