B2B Demand Generation

Demand generation is all about helping all your marketing align, to nurture and build fertile new pipelines for future sales success.

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Seeking Synergies between Your channels

We’ll gather emails and collect every relevant item of information possible to support other marketing channels. By seeking synergies between your channels we’ll help your telemarketing go further. Establishing and growing the right new pipelines is an intrinsic part of our call cycles at Blue Donkey. We uncover and speak to potential buyers, extract valuable intelligence about their goals and strategies, plant the right seeds, and where we don’t generate a lead because the timing wasn’t right for example, we leave behind some value, and solicit opt-in for future discussions.

In the proceeding calls we pick up and progress the relationship to reach successful outcomes while other channels do their best to keep interest warm. Where we don’t create market-share, we’ll create valuable mind-share instead, and commitment to speak again. Hence mind-share becomes market-share in time.

Enduring and Compelling Results

Up-weighted by systematic email contact, social media and marketing activity, telemarketing will produce enduring and compelling results that keep on working well beyond the cycle of your first calls. In fact at Blue Donkey, we firmly believe that intelligent telemarketing turns good companies in great ones by continually communicating what’s extraordinary and inspiring about your brand.

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100% of Clients Would Recommend Blue Donkey to a Friend or Colleague

An excellent lead , all the sales people were very pleased with this as it was exactly the type of opportunity they are looking for; prospect site, heavily involved in competitor and looking to change! Fits the brief perfectly…

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You’ve made contacts with the right people, and the meetings you’ve set up have been on target every time! Paul has made a consistently good impression in his calls, I could not have asked for a better partner throughout.

Managing Director / MarComms Company - Corporates

Jane said “money spent with Blue Donkey is going to be more money back in our pockets, we are delighted … we have had eight converted clients from the appointments booked this year so far.”

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