B2B sales nurturing and relationship building is key to sustainable growth. Organisations that systematically invest in identifying, nurturing, and growing the right relationships with their potential buying universe can expect to be rewarded with increased brand awareness, improved market share, and long term survival against the competitive forces in their particular market.

Ask the right questions

Most of us know that while B2B sales nurturing is important, calling clients and potential clients is heavy on resources, whether it’s done in-house or outsourced to reliable partners like Blue Donkey. The demands of the job mean it takes highly skilled people, time, and excellent infrastructure. It’s a sad fact then that so many organisations haemorrhage resources by taking the trouble to call the decision makers on their database but neglect to ask the burning questions.

Instead, they share a few moments of friendly dialog about the product or service, ask a few rudimentary questions about the business, but completely fail to reach the nub of the matter. If nurturing the sale means asking about timing, we need to ask the question ‘when will you be making a decision’, if cost is a consideration, we need to ask ‘what is your budget’, and where we are concerned about the competition, asking the question ‘how close are we to winning this order’.

Only by being brave and confident enough to ask the right questions can we adapt to meet the needs of, and win the custom of a potential new client.

First impressions last

It may sound obvious to some, but the basis of many strong business relationships is a good first impression. The initial contact between a company and a prospect should be friendly, professional and mutually beneficial. Like other areas of life, B2B sales nurturing needs to take in the fact that first impressions last. This will help the prospective client trust the business, value the communication, and it will make them more inclined to work with the business in the future.

According to start-up advisers First Business, the phrase: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is one that you will hear frequently in the business world; if you want your venture to succeed, it is essential that you take the time to get it right in the first instant. After all, a bad impression can seldom be remedied. A business runs on personal communication as much as it does on money, and if you want to be successful, it is vital that those who have cause to connect with you receive the very best impression from the outset.


In most cases, prospects will want to know more about a business, their people, and their products or services before wanting to work with them. After the initial contact, telemarketers and their marketing colleagues will need to work together and drip-feed information about the business to keep themselves front of mind.  Speaking to their prospects regularly means your sales team can answer questions and deal with objections as they occur.

This conversation is an important part of growing a business relationship in the B2B sales nurturing process as it offers telemarketers the opportunity to demonstrate they understand the needs and requirements of their potential buyer. This stage also provides telemarketers with the chance to learn more about their customer base, something that can be invaluable when it comes to tailoring products and services and developing new lines.


Once a prospect has turned into a client and has begun buying from a business, it’s up to that business to ensure they’re meeting their clients’ needs. The most effective way to do this is to develop clear and convenient lines of communication. If clients know that they can contact a business with a query and that the business will be friendly and informative, it will aid in growing the relationship and building trust.

Not only does maintaining communication help clients to trust suppliers, it also helps businesses to create personal relationships and be more than just an email address or a logo. After all, happy clients who enjoy good relationships with an organisation will become advocates, and far more likely to recommend the business to their peer group and friends.

Effective B2B sales nurturing in the form of telemarketing campaigns can be used to maintain communication with customers and keep brand awareness high. Every telemarketing call should be seen as an opportunity to nurture the relationship between a business and its customers. This will help buyers to feel invested in the brand and valued by their supplier.

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