The importance of posture to telemarketing services

Posture? It’s Importance?

Telemarketing services rely on consistent, high quality calling dial after dial. From the things you say, to the questions you ask, to your ability to listen intently, every moment matters. Although the person you’re speaking with may not be able to see you, sitting shoulders back, spine straight, and chin up will make a ton of difference to the success of your calls. For those of us selling telemarketing services for a living, these habits are great, they maximise value. However, the benefits provided by good posture are pretty universal. Sitting up and looking upwards helps us ‘see’ a person in our minds as we speak. This is a great way to remove some of the disadvantages of calling someone, compared with face to face communication. If you use the telephone in your work, it pays to sit up and listen to the many reasons why improving your posture will help you to come across as more confident, engaged, and energetic.


Like a wind instrument, the body produces its clearest and loudest sounds when you’re standing tall or sat up straight. Straight lines help your breath to travel through your body and makes it easier to project your voice. You’ll come across more fluently as a result, and you’ll be easier to hear. These are the things that are important for effective phone communication, not just for the provision of telemarketing services. Before you pick up the phone, make a conscious effort to draw your shoulders back, put your chin up, and sit tall. If you struggle to maintain this posture throughout your call, try standing up – it really helps! This should help to re-energise your body and keep your voice vibrant so you’re easily understood and interesting to listen to.

Energy boost

Maintaining good posture during the course of your working day has been shown to help boost energy levels. Your body will respond to your posture by being able to breathe more easily, so you’ll feel more awake, and engaged as a consequence. This is a key survival method when you’re providing telemarketing services since every moment needs to demonstrate value. If you’re currently struggling to maintain your energy levels throughout the day, this could be a great way to give yourself the boost you need. Try placing some (or a lot) of photos high on a wall in front of your desk – or on a shelf that forces you to look up. Get in the habit of looking upward not down, some say this offers the benefit of helping us to stay positive in our thinking – chin up!


Another important benefit of sitting up, looking up and breathing deeply during your calls is that you’ll sound more confident. Potential clients will interpret this confidence as expertise, so they’ll be more likely to give you time and take what you say on board. Confidence and energy will also help to make you sound more enthusiastic. To be successful telemarketing services build this enthusiasm into their calls by having clarity on where their products and services outperform the competition. Making the call easier to listen to, thought-provoking and informative will help decision makers commit. Confidence and market knowledge will influence their decision making and could be the crucial factor that convinces them to pick your business above others. Making just a few small adjustments to how you sit and how you breathe when you’re on the phone can translate to real changes in how you come across. With so much to gain from such a small adjustment, posture is one thing that no one can afford to ignore.