Intelligent Data

Marketing Databases

Blue Donkey has cultivated exceptional skills in building, managing, and enhancing databases on a fairly simple premise: that the intelligent use of insightful data will open up infinite new opportunities for powerful relationships to emerge.

We all know that the company database now touches every aspect of an organisation’s performance. Blue Donkey will meticulously identify, categorise and target your prospective buyers using defined criteria. Blending your brief with our skill, we’ll focus all energies on those targets with the greatest propensity to convert to sale, whilst using solid relationships skills to nurture an exciting and abundant future pipeline. Blue Donkey offers intuitive support and expert guidance, working with you every step of the way to construct a database that will power your organisation’s growth.

Our database service is fast, effective and whether we’re building you a database from scratch or enhancing an existing one, we profile and pre-qualify your prospects, targeting the key decision makers who will make a positive impact on your business. With full DPA (Data Protection Act) compliance implementation, Blue Donkey’s database sourcing, creation and management gives you the confidence to grow your organisation dramatically.

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