We think the fact that Blue Donkey has a quality assurance team instead of a sales department speaks volumes about our style.
At Blue Donkey, we’re proud that our specialist B2B telemarketing teams are the most highly skilled communicators in the industry. We consistently generate some of the best B2B telemarketing returns – and there are good reasons for that!

-Blue Donkey is one of few ISO:9001 quality accredited organisations in the outbound B2B telemarketing sector – that means our quality management systems are externally audited by professional assessors, by choice.

Blue Donkey champion, promote and contribute to DMA (Direct Marketing Association) best practice –not just compliance. This includes our input to indispensable industry guidelines such as DMA Best Practice, Clients Guide to Outsourcing, DMA Code, DMA Caring for the Vulnerable Initiative.

  • Blue Donkey is an Investor In People – 10% of team time spent on a training designated activity
  • Uniquely unscripted two-way dialogue techniques create free-flow open conversations, to yield more enduring and genuine relationships
  • Reporting, support, campaign management and metrics are entirely client centric, if you need bespoke we’ll deliver it, no matter how quirky
  • We create benchmarks to the very last dial and the very last minute of each day and we share them with you so you’re always in control
  • Our work is completely transparent, fantastically responsive, and fiercely unscripted

As a trailblazing B2B telemarketing company, we can assure marketing return on Investment with far more certainty than any other marketing activity.

Every client in the Blue Donkey family loves the way we enhance their organisation’s effectiveness – and ultimately, their trading profit. That’s why 100% would recommend us (ISO:9001 Client survey).






Client Quote:

I know how proud you are of your reputation… attention to detail is from experience a strength of Blue Donkey. Thanks again.