At Blue Donkey training is so much more than just communicating and coaching the right competencies, it’s deeper, much deeper.

Blue Donkey is a telemarketing force for good – and we’re delighted to be disruptive

Our road map for learning starts with exploring the relationships between how people think, and how that thought influences their communication, emotion and behaviour or performance. Therefore as communicators who understand the real difference a call can potentially make to a buyer, we’re much more energetic, genuine and convincing.

In telemarketing the right sentiments are more important than the right words

For two decades Blue Donkey and our B2B telephone training arm BenefitStar have been writing, testing and continuously developing training that captures the essence of a product or service and draws key decision makers into two-way dialogue intelligently and without the prosaic methods used by large call centre operations. No prompts, techno-talkers and of course no scripts, in fact anything that impedes true human to human interaction can’t be truly intelligent telemarketing.

In telemarketing agency terms, small and select yields eloquence, where large and prosaic suggests ham-fisted and bad for business

Promoting the right behaviours is of course critical to success, and equally so is ongoing performance management. By setting high benchmarks, SMART goals, non-invasive metrics, and sensitive coaching, teams always know what great performance looks like, and how their contribution compares. Staff who feel their performance matters, and their competencies are being constantly invested in become powerful assets.

Training is an immersive part of our daily working routine with several activities designed to constantly build and cross-fertilise learning. Whilst face-to-face marketing is immensely impactful, it’s prohibitively resource extensive. At Blue Donkey we adapt face-to-face communications skills to the telephone, and in so doing we achieve remarkable outcomes.

We use one-to-one feedback sessions to fine-tune individual and team performances. Our bespoke technology provides team leaders insight, enabling them to spend more time coaching and praising their team, rather than collating and interpreting figures. Performance league tables and achievement-against-targets metrics are key features of our daily programme providing high-energy zeal across our team, and vigour for our telemarketing.

Blue Donkey’s award-winning training and development programmes have borne a truly unique brand that attracts high-profile telemarketing or training clients.


When the buying universe is small every record is valuable - so every call needs to be intelligent


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Everybody told me that city livery companies are impossible to get to, and you've generated three leads in two days