Blue Donkey Intelligent Telemarketing again rates as ‘Strong’ in latest industry report

Blue Donkey Intelligent telemarketing has once again been rated as STRONG in the latest analysis of the UK’s 245 influential Call Centre companies. The Plimsoll Analysis (December 2020) also reveals Blue Donkey among the fastest growing in the market. What is more impressive is that Blue Donkey has achieved this in a tough market where 65 companies have made a loss, with 41 of those having made a 2 year loss and struggling to find liquidity.

As with previous years, Blue Donkey Intelligent telemarketing has taken great pride in being rated as Strong, as this is the highest rating available.

However, it’s more important this year than ever before in our 25 year history. The Coronavirus epidemic has placed a huge pressure and challenge for the business to perform, more than we’ve ever seen as a business or as an industry. Clients need the absolute best from their projects and budgets right now, so every penny they spend with Blue Donkey is tasked to do more than it was previously.

With this in mind, we’d like to express gratitude to our wonderful client family for their continuing support of Blue Donkey. We are so lucky to work with client colleagues who aspire to be the very best in their markets, it’s a pleasure to serve you.

And special gold star thanks to the amazing Blue Donkey team. Your hard work, good humour, rock solid support, and unerring confidence make Blue Donkey the best B2B telemarketing agency in the world!

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