Top 3 simple techniques telemarketing companies use to get attention; Anyone seeking to capture the attention of prospects over the phone will know just how challenging it can be. Worse still, if you fail to make a good impression in the first few seconds, chances are your call will crash and burn forever. Telemarketing companies have to make each call count, dial after dial, especially if they want to avoid prospects opting out of future calls. So how do the team at Blue Donkey make sure their calls engage well enough to deserve precious time and attention? The answers are surprisingly simple.


There’s a lot of talk right now about the importance of being authentic. This is when the persona you have in the workplace is the same as the one you have in life. It’s increasingly linked to wellbeing and in particular, mental health. Despite the pressure to conform, showing your true self can be the best path to more satisfying work. This is because, when we experience authenticity, we feel we’re living out our personal values and perspectives, we get a greater sense of well-being, have lower levels of depression, and experience more satisfaction with life. For telemarketing companies, this is an important survival technique given the regular deadlines and challenges set. In fact we’ve found that staff who are encouraged to use their own ideas, words, and personality in their work achieve greater authenticity, therefore satisfaction and results. Scripts or other formulaic processes are a barrier to authenticity so they should be avoided. Far from getting better results, they disable the very skills and competencies staff are hired for in the first place, so not only do lead rates suffer, staff retention rates also do.

Customised messaging

Each prospect telemarketing companies connect with will have their own set of priorities and objectives. Therefore every call should be different because it is structured around the individual buyer and their organisation. If you’re making dial after dial it’s hard to actually see people as different, when you can’t actually ‘see’ them. To overcome this, Blue Donkey teach their professional callers to use visualisation techniques, so they can ‘see’ a person in their mind’s eye as they are speaking.

Not only does this help warm up the call, communication feels less mechanised and more human as a result. Visualisation also enables callers to fully immerse themselves in the call, so they’re better at explaining benefits or overcoming objections that arise. It also makes the call come across as unique, rather than generic or irrelevant, making buyers feel appreciated and allow the conversation to progress with a positive flow.

Open Questions

Asking an open question is the best tool telemarketing companies use to begin a conversation. Open questions usually begin with keywords such as what, how, why. They are helpful for yielding information since they can’t be answered with a single word. They are designed to get people talking because you have to consider the answer carefully before responding.  If you can make your open question insightful and interesting, you’ll have a good chance of capturing your prospect’s attention.

As you dial the number, take a moment to scan the company’s website to get an idea of which questions are likely to be most relevant. Try to make sure you listen carefully to their answers instead of trying to think ahead to what comes next. As well as helping you to build rapport with the prospect you’re speaking with, giving them your complete attention could help you to gain valuable insight into their needs and requirements, something that may help you to build a lasting rapport.

Capturing someone’s attention quickly and effectively is an essential skill used by telemarketing companies. To find out more, take a look around our site or give us a call and speak to one of the friendly members of our team.