Blue Donkey spearheaded a revolution in B2B telemarketing. We have the best people in the field on our team, and our ongoing CIPD qualified telemarketing training ensures that we attain the best results for our clients every time.

At Blue Donkey, we know that the right call from a credible, well informed individual, placed to a carefully selected database of contacts, will nurture outcomes that can transform a company’s performance. We specialise in intelligent outbound B2B telemarketing with an emphasis on:

The main element that binds our services together is the principle of intelligent communication – our expert human touch. Blue Donkey has become established as the only telemarketing UK agency recognised as Centre of Excellence in outbound B2B telemarketing and ONLY that.

We believe telemarketing activity needs to be both systematic and long-term to attain the best results, and done well, B2B telemarketing can influence buying behaviour more successfully than any other medium. Why? Because it is based on one-to-one human contact, which creates real dialogue to match the client with the customer in a seamless and engaging way. Blue Donkey’s award-winning team understands this concept better than anyone in the field – which is why we’re “best in breed”.


Every buyer is unique - so none of our discussions are the same


Client Quote:

That’s perfect information ... It shows the efforts you go to speak to the right people and get the most up to date info