Why are Open Questions in B2B Telemarketing Important?

Why are open Questions in B2B telemarketing marketing important? Well, a Lot of reasons actually. But, the main one is that we use open ended questions in B2B Telemarketing to get them talking and to give us information that we can then pickup and drive a dialogue with.

What’s an open question?

An open question invariably starts with lot’s of “w” type words. Who? What? When? Why? How? But actually, one of our favourite open questions is with the words “Tell me more about…”, that’s a really great way to open a dialogue. It helps build a relationship because there are more people talking to us than when we’re not talking to them, the better our relationships become.

It gives us valuable data to start creating a picture of their needs with and it enables us as a business to demonstrate – in the most relevant way possible what we can do to help satisfy their needs.