At Blue Donkey, we don’t just handle outbound B2B telemarketing calls – we also provide unparalleled “live” inbound B2B call handling to link a human face to your company’s sales processes in real time. We are experts at building relationships and fostering the very best customer care practices, and integrate flawlessly with our clients’ internal processes.

Blue Donkey’s teams are friendly, skilled, and graduate-calibre people who create excellent value for your organisation. We are dedicated to converting enquiries to business opportunities seamlessly and “effortlessly”. We cover a number of areas of inbound calls, including direct call response handling, data processing, and internet enquiries, and provide customer care lines for leading international organisations.

Give Blue Donkey a call on 01353 724 880 to see how we transform your customers’ inbound call experience.

Client Quote:

We’d never use anyone else for telemarketing; they can’t do what you can do