Jane said “money spent with Blue Donkey is going to be more money back in our pockets, we are delighted ... we have had eight converted clients from the appointments booked this year so far.”

You've made contacts with the right people, and the meetings you've set up have been on target every time! Paul has made a consistently good impression in his calls, I could not have asked for a better partner throughout.

Managing Director, MarComms Company - Corporates

In approximately 3 months Blue Donkey had managed to turn a negative sales trend into a positive sales trend worth £500,000.

Very professional, If anybody can, Blue Donkey can

Leading Printing Technologies Company

After looking at the results up until yesterday we’ve had a great response so far, we have received several orders already

Blue Donkey have again displayed your developed skills at call handling and has shown how well you understand the campaign and proposition

IT Consultancy

You turned a £500,000 deficit in Q1 into a £500,000 profit in Q2

Global Pharmaceutical Company

The prospect that I met with this morning was shocked to hear that it was a telemarketing call that arranged our meeting, it did not resonate as a sales call at all

Web Design Agency

We have never had so many registrations at this stage of planning an event

Global Software Company

An excellent lead rate

Compressed Air Specialists

All calls are professional and for a team that have been doing it for one week it comes across as though they have been involved within our industry for some time

Voice and Data Specialist

Compared to competitors you are on a different page in terms of quality and volume of leads and product knowledge you are on a different chapter

E-conveyencing market leader

You were responsible for 25% of last year’s sales

Leading European Risk Management Company

The in-depth report you provided was thorough and insightful

Global Debt Management

The decision maker has been correct and the meetings have been excellent

Europe leading print management company

You set the standard in your sector. The prospects you line up for us can never tell that you are a separate entity, they assume you work in our offices, which is testament to your professionalism. Your due diligence and the pride you take in your work are a credit to you. We enjoy working with you and feel we can rely upon you to find the right clients for our needs. Thank you for your help.

Major Professional Services Group

Client Quote:

Charlene gave me the fullest confidence in Blue Donkeys capabilities, and after our meeting yesterday, our entire team are also happy and confident and look forward to moving ahead with this project – so thank you.