What Is B2B Telemarketing?

What Is B2B Telemarketing?

Blue Donkey clients regularly ask us how we’re able to optimise the number of leads generated by our team in the time available. We love those questions because the answers are simple, yet complex when you scratch below the surface. The simple way to get more leads is to be more productive. Yet productivity for B2B telemarketing lead generation is a sticky subject. You can employ methods that get more leads, however, these same tactics can sully a brand in super quick time too.

The less simple way is to make better calls, yet the checks and balances for making better calls can be subjective and hard to measure. So what to do? To help you squeeze more from your lead gen resources, we’ve shared some tips below.

What Is B2B Telemarketing? #1: Managing your time

As telemarketing trainers, we know that the biggest problem with managing B2B telemarketing companies lead processes is not getting the results per se, it’s procrastination. Sadly, most people would rather clean the fridge than cold call. And for the many souls currently working from home, that’s a very real issue. In fact, some of our clients are outsourcing, especially because their teams are having problems getting through to potential buyers. In many instances, they’re simply not banging out numbers often enough.

Spoiler alert

Homeworking can be isolating, and yes we’re getting through to fewer people because they are not in the office, however, the people we’re speaking to are more receptive. Much more receptive. We guess that’s because they have less contact with co-workers, and we’re competing against fewer rivals fighting for their time, so our calls are being received more warmly. Or maybe we just miss human contact, so we’re all a bit nicer. Whatever the reason, our lead gen rate has gone up, not down.

Ring-fence time for cold calling. Plan it in advance and make sure you have a routine for planning your days according to what you need to achieve by way of B2B telemarketing leads. So if you need 6 leads a week, and it takes you half a day to achieve a lead, plan 3 days of uninterrupted calling into your diary. And stay away from the fridge.

What Is B2B Telemarketing? #2: Managing your metrics

Like other professionals, Blue Donkey charge on a time basis for their B2B telemarketing leads service. That means we already have systems for breaking down and measuring achievement in small units of time. However, there’s no reason why anyone can’t adopt that method.

All you need to do is benchmark. How many dials, get through to how many decision makers, generating how many outbound telemarketing leads. Measure the little things, the small achievements that will in time make a difference to your progress. This includes how many qualified decision maker names you add to your database for example.

Create mini-goals

Create mini-goals such as finding a certain number of names, and follow them up in a particular time frame, with the objective to generate a defined number of leads. Try to unpick what your metrics mean. If you’re trying to get B2B telemarketing leads, dials made to decision maker conversations held, for instance, will indicate how well you’re getting past gatekeepers.

This rate should be fairly constant. If it dips, polish up your gatekeeper techniques, read some of the many blogs we’ve published on gatekeeper skills. If it rises so the number of dials to decision maker contacts peak, try and understand why, repeat it. And give yourself some well-deserved praise – you’re cooking on gas!

What Is B2B Telemarketing? #3: Managing your headspace

Be positive, visualise people’s faces to keep your conversation intelligent and not robotic, and ask open questions. Maintain a productive frame of reference, you’re helping someone – not disturbing them. Keep positive experiences front of mind and don’t carry negative baggage around in your head. Sad stories about the last time you got hung-up on won’t help, even if they’re funny, memorable, or cringe-making.

The practice of mindfulness is an excellent way to help you manage what’s going on in your head in relation to your B2B telemarketing leads process. Mindfulness is about living in the moment, it’s a great tool for managing thinking in the workplace but also really helpful in life generally.

Headspace the mindfulness trainers say that mindfulness is the ability to be fully present in the moment. According to mindfulness research, it can have numerous benefits, everything from decreased stress and sadness to increased levels of focus and happiness.

Living in the moment with each dial, seeing a buyer in your mind, reflecting on their needs and priorities with deeper focus or care will all help you get and deliver the best experiences. So your B2B telemarketing leads are abundant, the process is more productive, and each call becomes a unique and fulfilling encounter.