b2b telemarketing

Pitch, pace & tone for B2B telemarketing: Not all the information we communicate comes from the words we use, or the sentences we compose. Often it’s not what we are saying but how we say it that matters (anyone with teenage kids will confirm that). Tone, pitch, pace, and body language are all used by others to help determine the exact meaning behind the words and phrases we use. Using the right vocal range in a call can dramatically increase the chances of success in B2B telemarketing. Just a few small changes to the way calls are handled can make a significant difference in how they resonate in the mind of the buyer.

Be positive and be You

Before telemarketers dial the phone, they need to take a few moments to go over the benefits and unique features of the product or service they’ll be discussing. If they’re in a positive frame of mind and feeling enthusiastic about the product they’re promoting, the business they work for, and the role they play in that company, it will come across in their voice. Indeed, being enthusiastic about ourselves and our work is important, not only for getting the call off on the right foot and setting a productive tone for the conversation but also for our personal wellbeing. Being clear about the benefits of what we offer, and having a positive outlook about how we can enable a buyer to achieve their goals will go along way to help us be authentic in our work. Feeling authentic has been linked to good mental health, workplace wellbeing, and job satisfaction. Recruitment website Monster.com goes further and argues that being true to yourself has a lot to do with knowing who you are and bringing that uniqueness to the workplace. It’s liberating to express your personality, values, and background without pretending to be someone you aren’t.


We’ve talked about the benefits of smiling over and over again (maybe enough to cause a grimace) but it’s one of the most simple, effective ways to create the right tone when making B2B telemarketing calls.  Smiling affects the way the voice sounds and most prospects will be able to pick up on it in a call. More often than not, they’ll instinctively smile in return, something that can help the call to progress productively.

Pace yourself

The pace of a b2b phone call can be one of the most difficult things to get right. Go too quickly and the prospect won’t have time to process the information you’re providing. However go too slow and it can be interpreted as a sign of boredom, disinterest or dejection. Ideally, telemarketers should go fast enough to retain the interest of the prospect and to come across as enthusiastic, but slowly enough that their words hit their mark. The only way to perfect the pace of B2B telemarketing calls is to practice. Have telemarketers listen out for each other or practice ‘calling’ so they can see how pace affects the impact of the call.

Pitch perfect

Like tone, pitch is affected by the telemarketer’s enthusiasm and the way they approach the call. As well as smiling during a call, pitch can be improved by telemarketers taking a genuine interest in the prospect they’re speaking to. This interest will come across in the way they speak and will help the prospect to feel that their company’s needs and requirements are at the heart of the call.

Getting the pitch, tone and pace of B2B telemarketing just right can go a long way to boosting its chances of success. Explore our site today to find out more or speak to one of the members of our team.