Why Choose Blue Donkey?

Choose Blue Donkey?

We have a long history of creating powerful new opportunities for successful brands, some of which have been a part of our client family for 26 years.

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How We Are Different

Blue Donkey has mastered the art of truly intelligent B2B telemarketing calls which capture the attention and interest of senior business decision makers. We have a long history of creating powerful new opportunities for successful brands, some of which have been a part of our client family for 26 years. They select Blue Donkey as their outbound voice because they trust us to deliver against their key success factors. Transparent reporting and useful MI, to the minute, to the dial, means everything is laid bare and open. By maintaining a close eye on ROI we put clients in the driving seat ensuring we are always aligned and in synch with their objectives.

It’s not just about leads, relationship building is fundamental to getting through the right doors. Quality of dialogue crafted through the exceptional training of our teams is the pivotal factor that puts clients face to face with their most influential buyers and leaves the right brand impression behind. Our teams are specialist outbound B2B communicators, trained to be the sharpest tools in your box. To them, telemarketing is a profound science. Their training, dedication and passion deliver extraordinary campaign outcomes that reflect the high standards you set. Working across all six continents where we have to, Blue Donkey has the right voice for your business.

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business opportunities b2b blue donkey leading telemarketing business to business
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At Blue Donkey training is so much more than just communicating and coaching the right competencies, it’s deeper, much deeper.

Blue Donkey is a telemarketing force for good – and we’re delighted to be disruptive

Our road map for learning starts with exploring the relationships between how people think, and how that influences their communication, emotion and performance. We model our learning and thinking around high expectations, so people do well because they expect to do well, and they’re supported by the right tools to help them do so.

In telemarketing the right sentiments are more important than the right words

For 26 years Blue Donkey have been writing, testing and continuously developing training that captures the essence of a product or service and draws key decision makers into two-way dialogue intelligently and without the prosaic methods used by large call centre operations. No prompts, techno-talkers and of course no scripts, in fact, anything that impedes true human to human interaction can’t be truly intelligent telemarketing.

In telemarketing agency terms, small and select yields eloquence, where large and prosaic suggests ham-fisted and bad for business

Promoting the right behaviours is of course critical to success, and equally so is ongoing performance management. By setting high benchmarks, SMART goals, non-invasive metrics, and sensitive coaching, teams always know what great performance looks like, and how their contribution compares. Staff who feel their performance matters and their competencies are being constantly invested in become powerful assets.

Training is an immersive part of our daily working routine with several activities designed to constantly build and cross-fertilise learning. Our bespoke technology provides team leaders insight, enabling them to spend more time coaching and praising their team, rather than collating and interpreting figures. Blue Donkey’s award-winning training and development programmes have borne a truly unique brand that’s supported some of the world’s best brands.

We know that you need to trust the telemarketing company you partner with completely. That’s why at Blue Donkey, we customise our services to support your needs. We go above and beyond the call of duty to exceed your expectations, every step of the way.

Complete campaign transparency means you get:

Blue Donkey’s technology makes a series of comprehensive and meaningful reports available at the touch of a button, providing our clients with an incredibly detailed level of information in an accessible format. Our exclusive technology exists to support your every need and offers total transparency right down to the last minute of your campaign. The mere mention of “automation” in the telemarketing context can strike fear into the hearts of businesses! At Blue Donkey, we do NOT use automated diallers! We do NOT use predictive diallers! And we do NOT use scripting technologies of any kind! However, we DO ensure the very best practice in B2B marketing. In fact, Blue Donkey’s 10-year contribution to DMA (Direct Marketing Association) guidance means our voice has become a force for good in the telemarketing industry helping to raise the bar for best practice, not just basic compliance. Complex logging protocols and our robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure ensures both the ability and flexibility required to integrate with our clients’ systems. At Blue Donkey, we host our own databases internally for maximum control and client confidence, but we have the ability to link in and synchronise with most other mainstream CRM packages.

Since our launch in 1997, Blue Donkey has committed itself to excellence in the B2B telemarketing field. We have rounded up numerous awards over the years, and through our commitment to customer-focused innovation, we’ve built our company into a Telemarketing Centre of Excellence. We think the fact that Blue Donkey has a quality assurance team instead of a sales department speaks volumes about our style. At Blue Donkey, we’re proud that our specialist B2B telemarketing teams are the most highly skilled communicators in the industry. We consistently generate some of the best B2B telemarketing returns – and there are good reasons for that! Blue Donkey is one of few ISO:9001 quality certified organisations in the outbound B2B telemarketing sector – that means our quality management systems are externally audited by professional assessors, by choice. We have played an active role in championing DMA (Direct Marketing Association) best practice. This includes our contribution to: DMA Best Practice, Clients Guide to Outsourcing, DMA Code, DMA Caring for the Vulnerable Initiative.

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As a trailblazing B2B telemarketing company, we can assure marketing return on investment with far more certainty than any other marketing activity.
Every client in the Blue Donkey family loves the way we enhance their organisation’s effectiveness – and ultimately, their trading profit. That’s why 100% would recommend us (ISO:9001 Client Survey).

Our approach powers the success of our organisation, and is completely unique to Blue Donkey – the intelligent telemarketing best in breed! At Blue Donkey we’ve worked for some of the best brands in B2B, whoever your precious and limited buying universe are, we’ll work hard to make sure every dial builds something with potential. We ask intelligent open questions to get under the buyer’s skin, so what we put on the table next is entirely guided by them and what they need from your brand. In fact, clients come to Blue Donkey year after year because we make the call that Marketing Directors would want to make themselves. This is a world away from what you think of when you hear the words ‘telemarketing and call centre’. We don’t use scripts or prompts but our award-winning training inventory includes some powerful graphic tools that help people brainstorm and mind map the essence of our often complex client products. Blue Donkey take a detailed and thorough brief which is then used to dovetail the training provided with a project induction. We use a constant cycle of Plan, Act, Review to make sure that your brief is continuously reviewed and enhanced in the light of progress being made and the changing needs of your organisation.

Every facet of your project is discussed with you on a weekly basis to ensure you are fully appraised and in control of every step in your project. We’ll talk you through the metrics, the outcomes, the data performance and any interesting anecdotes we find on your front line. In fact, you will feel like we are working for you from the next room!

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Data and Databases

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B2B Data

At Blue Donkey the data lists we use for your campaign will always belong exclusively to you. Intellectual property rights for data are never shared with Blue Donkey and everything we do is exclusive to the client who commissions the work. Blue Donkey does not subscribe or hold large datasets which are mined and used for different client campaigns, so your data will always be fresh and completely profiled and selected with your campaign criteria in mind. From a simple database clean to an exactly profiled target universe list, Blue Donkey will create the data list that’s most likely to deliver successful outcomes. Database sourcing and database management are included in Blue Donkey’s set-up fee, this means your marketing list is subject to an ongoing program of data cleanse and managed to the highest standards from the get-go throughout the life of your campaign.

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business data telemarketing
b2b databases
b2b databases

B2B Databases

If your business data has more holes than a Swiss cheese we can clean, add, append, and source new data to fill in the gaps – plus we will keep your data clean. Whatever your database needs, our 26 years of experience means we will create maximum conversation and minimum wastage, to ensure your marketing cycle is not clogged up with marketing data that won’t convert. We can do database cleaning as an independent exercise or as part of a wider lead generation campaign. Data cleansing by Blue Donkey is thorough, accurate and GDPR compliant and enables a whole of market view so you don’t end up with gaps in your potential buying universe.

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Our Heritage – So Who Are Blue Donkey?

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What’s in a Name?

When Blue Donkey founder and MD Sureya Landini identified a gap in the market for a telemarketing product that was more like the calls a client would make in their own four walls, she also discovered that her four walls were actually a pub in years gone by. According to local folklore, the original Blue Donkey building was once a 17th century tavern frequented by local villagers. Even then, Blue Donkey’s offering had to be highly differentiated, since it was rumoured to be one of fifteen taverns in the small Ely hamlet of Wilburton. From inception, Sureya’s business was overwhelmed with demand, so taking the time to reflect on a suitable name simply didn’t happen. Instead, clients who heard the story of the little lonesome inn took it to heart, and called her enterprise Blue Donkey. And for 26 years the image of a little blue donkey has become synonymous with Intelligent Telemarketing and great calling campaigns. This has meant clients remember and return year after year, in fact, several members of the Blue Donkey client family have been with the business since day one. The name has certainly helped the business stand out from the crowd and define itself as a unique breed!

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Our History

Blue Donkey was established in 1997. Our mission: to be a B2B telemarketing company with a difference. We set out to meet the emergent ‘intelligent telemarketing’ needs of high-technology companies during the Cambridge “Silicon Fen” boom of 1990s. Since then, our Intelligent B2B Telemarketing model has delivered impressive results for a range of blue chip companies across multiple industries and sectors including GE, BASF, Argos, TNT, and PerkinElmer. Far from vast standardised and numbers driven generalists, Blue Donkey’s boutique model of B2B excellence was developed to harness the power of human relationships and to capture unique dialogue tailored around the needs of each individual buyer. Over the past 26 years Blue Donkey’s path has blossomed with some of the closest client partnerships yielding many generations of recommendations as well as some really exciting telemarketing results! Indeed Blue Donkey has become defined as the enduring Centre of Excellence with a lifelong philosophy that placing our clients’ needs at the heart of our work builds our business by growing theirs. ISO:9001 certification gained in 2006 has proven to be significantly worthwhile and continue to demonstrate Blue Donkeys ‘best of breed’ aspirations today in quality, training, management and ultimately in our track record. By using unscripted telemarketing we produce genuine two-way dialogue to provide insight, meaningful relationships, complete transparency, and up-to-the-minute support across our entire operation.

About Us

Blue Donkey is an award-winning B2B telemarketing company. As dedicated outbound B2B specialists, we’ve never done anything else. Unlike most agencies today who’ve added B2B telemarketing as an afterthought, at Blue Donkey we believe that to make really special calls, you need intelligent telemarketing in your DNA. Having rejected the typical, scripted call-centre methods that dominate the industry, Blue Donkey provides a tailor-made approach to become the voice of some of the world’s most important B2B brands. Blue Donkey was established in 1997. Our distinctive name comes from our very first home, the 17th century tavern based in Cambridgeshire. 26 years on, many of our clients still remember our distinctive office with affection and we have retained the name Blue Donkey to this day. Our mission: to be a B2B telemarketing company with a difference. We set out to meet the emergent ‘intelligent telemarketing’ needs of companies during the Cambridge “Silicon Fen” boom of 1990s. See the Herzberg two-factor theory if you would like to know more! 

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Google Reviews

At Blue Donkey we believe in building partnerships, here are some reviews from the incredible people and companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Please feel free to leave your review…

Thomas Lyes
Thomas Lyes
We have recently engaged Blue Donkey as a business and have been really impressed by their communication, knowledge and desire to immerse themselves in the detail required to make our campaign successful. Charlene has done a great job. We have used other businesses in the past and Blue Donkey are head and shoulders above those.
Tara Abbott
Tara Abbott
We utilized Blue Donkey recently given their experience with our global teams and it was the best investment we made this year to help drive qualified sales leads. The team excels in communication, competence and professionalism... and the results speak for themselves. Thank you Sureya, Charlene and the Blue Donkey team for all your work in 2020. We can't wait to continue to journey in 2021
Olivia Parkes
Olivia Parkes
Absolutely brilliant service, Charlene and the team are so friendly and personable, meaning our brand comes across perfectly to customers - we've spoken to leads already that have fed back how polite and lovely the calls have been. Quality of leads delivered are top notch and they're generally a great business to work with!
Callum Alexander
Callum Alexander
Blue Donkey are extremely professional and are a true partner. I always trust their advice and expertise.
Louise Serjeant
Louise Serjeant
I worked at Blue Donkey between 2015 - 2018. I begun working here whilst studying for my undergraduate degree. Firstly, owners Sureya and Paul were extremely understanding and supportive of my education and offered flexible working hours whilst studying. I started working part time and on completion of my degree I moved to full time. As this is a family run business, you don’t get made to feel that you’re just a number; they are happy to provide you with flexible working hours if required. Within the job you are responsible for ‘intelligent telemarketing,’ where you are responsible for cold calling and lead generation on behalf of a range of mid to large cap corporate clients across a number of sectors including finance, life sciences, retail, and engineering. This job is not easy, you have to deal with high pressure, targets and rejection from prospects. Although this is telemarketing, these are the basis skills required of a sales role. Within the job you will be responsible for approaching very senior prospects on behalf of your clients including directors, CEOs and COO’s to introduce their products and services. Blue Donkey works with different sized organisations all the way from medium sized enterprises to large listed international organisations and will offer the same level of professionalism to every client. This job gives you the skills to be extremely versatile. Whilst working here I gained the ability to confidently sell over the phone, gather information, market a product with detail and precision, handle rejection, work to targets, handle pressure as well as having exposure to senior and well respected clients and prospects and an insight to a range of different sectors. Sureya had previous experience working in large organisations in London before establishing Blue Donkey, and both herself and Manager Charlene are exceptional at their jobs and whilst working with them I learnt very valuable work skills and sales methods. I made the decision to leave because I wanted to move to London and work on an commission basis. Due to the skills that I gained at Blue Donkey it meant that I was a very attractive candidate for sales and recruitment roles in London because of my experience working in a high intensity job role and the sectors covered. Within 2 years of working in recruitment in London I am earning 6 figures annually and I believe Blue Donkey contributed considerably to my skills, resilience, confidence, knowledge, abilities and my attractiveness as a candidate when I did look to move on. I would highly recommend to anyone studying or looking to pursue a career in sales, marketing or recruitment.
Katie Parkinson
Katie Parkinson
Blue Donkey are an absolute pleasure to work with; they are very passionate about what they do and never disappoint. They have become an invaluable resource to us over the years and we look forward to our future projects with Charlene and the team.
Anthony Pooley
Anthony Pooley
My first encounter with Blue Donkey was with my last Bank where they provided me high quality leads which I was able to convert successfully. I have since moved to a different Bank (Nationwide Building Society) and I invited them to tender to help support my team with additional telemarketing. I am pleased to say the onboarding and initial pilot has exceeded our expectations and they continue to provide us a consistent flow of high quality leads. They understand our proposition, our target market but most importantly... our culture & way of doing business! We are VERY protective over our brand so we regularly dip test calls as part of our ongoing quality checks and not once have we heard anything to cause us concern. It is important to note they do NOT use a dialler which makes a big difference. Blue Donkey have been a great resource and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them! UPDATE: I have since completed an in-depth review and I am pleased to report the following... Prospecting volumes have over doubled and we've seen a 40% uplift in sales (70% including pipeline) whilst being cost efficient compared to other proactive methods of marketing. Blue Donkey gives us the scalability we need within budget!
Alan Bentley
Alan Bentley
I have always been nervous about Telesales. Blue Donkey has proved me completely wrong. They quickly understood our complex outsource service and opened many doors for us. I received many compliments from prospective clients that I visited about the quality of the initial conversation with my team - not knowing that I had outsourced it!!
Jason Parker
Jason Parker
Working across a number of complex campaigns and sectors, my role involved identifying, engaging, and communicating with senior decision makers. Objectives for each project varied, and output was measured for effectiveness and efficiency using hourly barometers. I learned to work with the highest benchmarks for achievement, was recognised individual, by contribution to the team and by project success. Each project had unique challenges but with thorough briefs and detailed work descriptions, I was able to perform at a consistently high standard. I came away with a wealth of valuable experienced, diversified my skills, and began my climb up the career ladder …the journey continues. All round an incredible organisation to have been associated with.
Chrishayhoe13 Chris
Chrishayhoe13 Chris
I have worked with Blue Donkey for over 10 years. Taking them with me when I changed business roles. They are streets ahead of any other telemarketing organisation I have ever worked with. Very professional, always provided sound advice and always deliver results. I would have no hesitation in recommending anybody who is considering using telemarketing to seek out Blue Donkey first.
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The Company We Keep – Our Clients

Our unique approach has made Blue Donkey a trusted B2B telemarketing partner, delivering excellence and value to over 200 different industry leading clients across every major sector, including finance, biopharmaceutical and manufacturing. Blue Donkey view client partnerships as long term, hence we ensure at the outset that there is a good fit between client and agency; shared values, shared goals, shared commitment for campaign success. With 26 years of experience Blue Donkey are seasoned professionals with industry experience, technical prowess, and a deep understanding of the specific techniques needed to deliver outstanding results for your campaign. B2B telemarketing relies on strong relationships, so Blue Donkey’s philosophy is driven by quality not quantity, delivering the best results even if they come after the third or fourth call.

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Our Team

At Blue Donkey, the sum is always greater than its parts. From top to tail, the whole company is aware of where we have come from and where we plan to be, and we all share the responsibility for getting there. Uncovering the best opportunities for our family of clients takes experience and dedication. We take pride in the fact that each individual plays a crucial role in achieving client goals. We attract hard working, well-educated, professional and enthusiastic people to our business, and so keep the Blue Donkey family at the peak of our industry. Blue Donkey’s award winning management team share over 100 years of telemarketing, training, IT, and marketing experience between them. Our creative, can-do culture and passion means we’ll always have the resources needed to generate breath-taking results. We do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and get the most from your brief.

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Sureya Landini

Trainer, tele-agency, and consultant for a broad blue chip client base.

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Creating company changing insights from transformational ICT systems

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Determined to get results – where others have failed

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Campaigns managed with meticulous care

Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Donkey have years of experience specialising across the following sectors;

  • Pharmaceutical, medical – No names policies don’t make us turn-tail and flee
  • Financial services – Uncovering finance insight takes experience, trust building and credibility
  • Business services – Gently probing competitor intelligence and deep-diving customer needs
  • Professional services – Sourcing renewal dates, review periods, premiums, and challenging competitor strongholds
  • Manufacturing – Friday afternoon is the graveyard zone

We are specialists because we don’t just talk to potential buyers, we draw them into meaningful dialogue about what they actually need, and the changing dynamics in their industry. Hence we get to know sectors really well, and we bring those resources and capabilities to the table with new campaigns.

We seek out the best data; we aim to create a fertile matrix of key decision makers and influencers for each organisation; we spend the time needed to capitalise on the best relationships for our client. In short, by speaking intelligently at the highest possible level in sectors we know really well, Blue Donkey will get under the skin of buyers to create the best opportunities for our clients to close.

Yes it is, and if that’s your preference we can help you create the management and training tools to ensure your team reach a peak quickly and reliably. Your team will need the correct ongoing training, motivation, and management resources to consistently generate results.

However, managing productive tele-teams is labour intensive and unless the tools are in place to keep teams constantly informed about their progress, and involved with continuous benchmarking, the effort will wither and die.

In today’s business environment, the cost of getting it wrong can far exceed any perceived savings. Blue Donkey’s clients work with us because they know that they can selectively source our services, that we are ISO 9001 quality standard accredited, intelligent specialists in outbound B2B telemarketing, and that when it comes to telemarketing companies, we are ‘best in breed’!

Our training, coaching, MI systems and routines allow us to optimise efficiency and effectiveness for every minute of your campaign. Hence results invariably exceed any possible savings available by keeping such activities in-house. On the contrary, in-house teams can be significantly more capital intensive than outsourcing due to their high maintenance demands for project management.

We are genuinely passionate about the great things good telemarketing can achieve. By treating every call as if it were our only call, Blue Donkey optimises the performance of outbound telemarketing campaigns to realise the highest possible returns. We distinguish our services with complete campaign transparency and up-to-the-minute reporting for our clients’ campaigns – we’re with you every step of the way. Blue Donkey offers comprehensive, extensive IT infrastructure, bespoke call-logging systems, and custom call recording suites, all brought together in state of the art operations. The strength of our capabilities are advanced by Blue Donkey’s exceptional blue chip client list.

This is one of the most important things Blue Donkey does, and what sets us apart from the crowd. We take the time to make sure that we understand your company and goals – from your people, products, and services, to your customers and the market environment. We often begin a project by undertaking a pilot test, which provides both intrinsic value and an excellent roadmap for how the overall project should proceed.

As the pace of change is far faster than ever before, using static formula like scripts, prompts or call flow tools simply cannot adapt quickly enough to be effective anymore. Scripts were always inappropriate in telemarketing (how often do you use one) and nothing should replace the power of human sincerity. Our candour and can-do make for energetic and intelligent campaigns that are always unique, and continually responsive to ever-changing industry dynamics. Blue Donkey is fiercely unscripted. Although much of our work requires particular questions to be asked in order to uncover needs and relevance, we weave this content into the intelligent two-way dialogue techniques that we implement with every call we make. Our people are industry leaders in this field – intuitive, responsive experts who are excellent communicators and consummate professionals.

As direct marketers we go beyond mere compliance. Everything we do at Blue Donkey adopts a basic position of best practice. We abide by the most stringent rules of the industry and are consistent industry leaders for creation and benchmarking for positive change, for example we are accredited members of the rigorous Helios buying group (FSQS) and we’ve achieved the globally recognised quality standard ISO 9001 – by choice!

Pick up the phone and give us a call, we’re always delighted to discuss your business objectives and key success factors. We can go over your ambitions for sales and marketing, and look at where we can help you meet and exceed your goals. Our MBA level understanding means we can relate to and enrich your ideas with our own. Our detailed knowledge means we are uniquely positioned to relate to and share your pressures and expectations well beyond the industry norm.

When you join Blue Donkey we invite you to be close, inquisitive and forward looking. By working together this way, we feel synergies can be completely exploited. We’ll make the best of your product or service strengths, to maximise the reach and achievement of your campaign. In contrast, when you need us to be self-sufficient and at arm’s length, you’ll want to deliver a brief, talk through the criteria and key success factors, and then just trust us to get on with it. That’s fine too. Our up to the second reporting delivers enough detailed intelligence about each dial and contact so you’re kept completely in the loop and in control at all times.

No, we don’t do B2C. Blue Donkey are B2B telemarketing specialists. B2B telemarketing needs a voice that’s intelligent enough to ask senior decision makers probing questions and sensitively digest the answers given. B2B marketing requires commercial savvy and good business experience to fully understand the unique organisational and industry backdrop for each company. Blue Donkey do not and have never engaged in consumer telemarketing, in fact, since the advent of TPS most consumer telemarketing agencies have switched to B2B telemarketing using the scripted operating models deployed for consumer marketing.

Blue Donkey team members have long and successful careers in the communication industry. Many have been with Blue Donkey for several years. They are highly skilled individuals who will take your message to market in the most compelling way possible. Unlike other telemarketing agencies, Blue Donkey do not employ entry-level or junior staff for their calling campaigns. We don’t use scripts or any formula that’s designed to replace the powerful communication skills of talented individuals. We charge more because our costs are higher and our clients are happy to pay more for a better service. Since prospect data is now more targeted so it’s smaller in number than historically calling campaigns may have been, this means one excellent call in a telemarketing campaign is far more beneficial than lots of scripted or mundane calls. So since data is now more precious we aim to make every call a potential game-changer.

We do use LinkedIn but only to qualify the name and job title where it is useful to do so. We use it anonymously and we use it as a secondary research method. We don’t use LinkedIn to communicate with prospects as we feel a brand is best represented by having a meaningful two-way dialogue, rather than bombarding them with unqualified messages which invites prospects to opt-out of your marketing before you have had a chance to speak to them about how you can provide valuable support to their organisation, based on their specific needs.

We audition on and purchase data from the best sources available in the open market, you are also welcome to provide the data or add your data to the purchased supply so that it can be profiled and cleaned as part of the on-going improvement process. At Blue Donkey the data lists we use for your campaign will always belong exclusively to you. Intellectual property rights for data are never shared with Blue Donkey and everything we do is exclusive to the client who commissions the work. Blue Donkey does not subscribe or hold large datasets which are mined and used for different client campaigns, so your data will always be fresh and completely profiled and selected with your campaign criteria in mind. From a simple database clean to an exactly profiled target universe list, Blue Donkey will create the data list that’s most likely to deliver successful outcomes. Database sourcing and database management are included in Blue Donkey’s set-up fee, this means your marketing list is subject to an ongoing program of data cleanse and managed to the highest standards from the get-go throughout the life of your campaign..

The argument in favour of an outsourced telemarketing function is actually very similar to the reason why you would outsource other mission-critical functions. So basically the effectiveness and the efficiency of that function is substantially improved by placing it in the hands of an expert. This allows you and your internal team to focus on your core activities and the areas of your business where you can really make a difference. As a function telemarketing is being outsourced more and more. This is because decision makers are harder to get hold of than they have ever been and their boiling point for mediocrity is lower than it’s ever been. By the time your message reaches the ears of important decision makers in your market it needs to be nothing less than intelligent, compelling and succinct, otherwise, it’s a wasted opportunity. Skilled communicators, who are using the phone as their primary means of engaging and influencing senior people will be far more practised at doing so than your internal team are ever likely to be. Additionally, a good outsourced telemarketing agency will have the benefit of technology to help manage your program more effectively. At Blue Donkey our ISO 9001 certified quality management systems are among the most robust in our industry. Our unique systems, processes and checks mean the cutting edge control levers used to maximise the performance of your telemarketing campaign enables granular MI (management information) right down to the last few seconds or keystrokes of your project putting you in absolute control of your budget and your potential buying universe.

You may well have a project that has failed with another agency, that doesn’t surprise or worry us. The reason your project will work with Blue Donkey, where you failed with another agency, is that the calls we make, the methods we use and the way we approach data is completely different to anything else in the market. Blue Donkey produce a product that we call intelligent telemarketing, we create the call that you would dial yourself. No scripts, no formulas, no prosaic systems managing the content. Our calls are entirely based on the intellect and competence of our skilled team. We are a small business and we only take on projects that we believe in and that we are excited by. So by the time we get on the phone and talk about who you are, what you do, and why you are special we are credible, authentic and we get people thinking differently. At Blue Donkey we select and profile data very carefully, so by the time we get through to a decision maker we already know they have the propensity to convert to a game-changer client for you.

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100% of Clients Would Recommend Blue Donkey to a Friend or Colleague

Our Certifications

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Award Winning for over 26 Years

Our measure of success is the same as yours – positive performance on your bottom line.

Our Specialist Sectors Our Specialist Sectors

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