Why Choose Blue Donkey?

Why Choose Blue Donkey

Blue Donkey has a long history creating powerful new business opportunities for successful brands, some of which have been a precious part of our client family for close to two decades.

They select Blue Donkey as their outbound voice because they trust us to deliver against their key success factors, effectively and efficiently every time.

Transparent reporting and useful MI, to the minute, to the dial means everything is laid bare and open. By maintaining a close eye on ROI we put them in the driving seat (or saddle) ensuring we are always aligned and in synchrony with their objectives.

It’s not just about leads, relationship building is fundamental to getting through the right doors. Quality of dialogue crafted through the exceptional training of our teams is the pivotal factors that puts clients face to face with their most influential buyers, and leaves the right brand impression behind.

Our teams are specialist outbound B2B communicators, trained to be the sharpest tools in your box. To them telemarketing is a profound science. Their training, dedication and passion delivers extraordinary campaign outcomes that reflect the high standards you set. Working across all six continents where we have to, Blue Donkey has the right voice for your business.

When engaging your telemarketing agency, if you feel the people representing your brand are important to you, speak to Blue Donkey about how a truly intelligent approach can help maximise potential and create enduring impactful relationships.


Who will you trust with the integrity of your brand?


Client Quote:

Excellent meeting……he knew exactly why I was there and was happy to discuss the business and future plans. He’s been with the existing supplier for decades.