Since our launch in 1997, Blue Donkey has committed itself to excellence in the B2B (business-to-business) telemarketing field. We have rounded up numerous awards over the years, and through our commitment to customer-focused innovation, we’ve built our company into a Telemarketing Centre of Excellence.

Our brand has punched above its weight for years. Blue Donkey consistently outperforms larger and standardised telemarketing companies due to our powerful blend of bespoke, leading-edge technology and intelligent personalised style. Our world class infrastructure and special professional environment continues to attract amazing staff to the Blue Donkey family, and helps us build strong partnerships with high calibre clients.

Our approach powers the success of our organisation, and is completely unique to Blue Donkey – the intelligent telemarketing best in breed!


The agency that’s bright enough and specialist enough to understand probe or fine-tune your brief


Client Quote:

It's good to see this sort of pro-active behaviour! That's why I like working with Eren.