Lead Generation Companies; These days, more and more aspects of business are being outsourced to specialist firms. B2B telemarketing is just one of the many activities that are being passed to lead generation companies who have the skills and systems to get results quicker, or better, compared with an in-house team.

Designing, development and business strategy all work more effectively when tackled by specialists who know their stuff and have the support systems in place to manage metrics in a granular way. This element alone is far more exacting than in previous years for two reasons.

Firstly, most markets now have at least some level of saturation, so only those making the best use of limited resources will survive and continue to win market share. Secondly, customer experience and data usage are an absolute priority now, so if you are reaching out to customers, that communication needs to be pretty darn hot!

The right outsourced telemarketing teams will offer energy, experience, and dexterity, and frankly, where lead generation companies fail to impress, they’re out!

Specialist Skills

Like you wouldn’t put your health in the hands of someone who wasn’t specially trained, neither should your telemarketing be considered an entry level competence. Good lead generation companies will have decades of experience making brands shine.

Their client list should be key to your selection criteria, and as ever, if they are working for companies you’re impressed by, you can feel safe adding them to your auditioning process. Similarly, check their Google reviews. The good ones will have client comments, as well as contributions from staff who’ve gone on to bigger and better as a result.

To achieve consistent, high-quality results from lead generation companies you need to be open about the challenges your sales process faces as well as the business strengths. The more knowledge and experience you pass on, the quicker lead generation companies can get momentum and start generating results.

On the other hand, paint a too-rosy picture and the brief will be flawed so the telemarketing team will worry unduly about their performance. Having realistic, shared metrics means objectives can be aligned so everyone is pulling towards the best goals.

Key competencies for Lead Generation Companies

If you’ve ever made a telemarketing call, you’ll know how much of a challenge it can be. From getting past the gatekeeper and communicating your message to the right decision maker, to building a rapport and getting consistent output, telemarketing is a tough shout.

Highly trained communicators, in well run lead generation companies, will have the necessary skills to achieve your targets while growing your brand appeal across more potential customers.

By reporting on each and every dial made in your name, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly, success can be compared month on month to make sure the key competencies within your telemarketing team keep getting stronger and stronger.

The role and contribution of the outsourcing industry to the UK economy has been growing for decades. Outsourcing shouldn’t be confused with ‘offshoring’, where certain functions are placed overseas to save money. The outsourcing industry is an increasingly important driver of the UK economy.

According to the Business Services Association (BSA), almost 10 percent of them UK’s workforce is employed in outsourcing, accounting for 3.3 million jobs.

It May be Cheaper To Outsource

It used to be a general rule of thumb that outsourcing key business functions cost more money. In recent times, however, this view has begun to shift, particularly in areas such as payroll, accounts, and IT. This is because, with increased pressure for efficiency, some things are less onerous, complex or time consuming when they are carried out by trained individuals who do them all the time.

Additionally, software and other support systems have become more integral to business survival, so only companies successful enough to afford them will survive competitive forces. Good lead generation companies will have to make significant investments in both systems and training to ensure every moment of the time you engage in is delivering a unit of value that you will be happy with.

Hence it may actually be cheaper pound for pound to outsource compared with having an in-house team who won’t benefit from the training, coaching, or systems lead generation companies have and will, therefore, take longer to get results.

Furthermore, lead generation companies usually only get paid for the time they are spending on your project, where retained staff typically spend less time on the phone. And if you only run major telemarketing campaigns a few times a year, you also have the benefit of scaling up or down quickly.

All in all, it’s increasingly likely that having your in-house team focus on core activities and outsourcing your telemarketing to the right lead generation companies will tick more boxes for you now than in years gone by.

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