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Telemarketing calls in 2022?

Telemarketing calls are commonly associated with negative experiences. This is tough for those of us who routinely use the telephone to connect with new potential buyers and business partners. And it’s not helped by the term Cold Call which by its very name puts the shivers up us and fills our heads with negativity. Yet so many people have successful thriving careers because they were able to pick up a phone, source the right key contacts, engage them in a proper grown-up two-way conversation, and build the relationship into something that’s beneficial for both parties. In fact, most businesses can track big game-changer client relationships back to the humble telemarketing call that brought it to life in the first place. That’s no small thing in an age when face to face selling isn’t really a viable option anymore. The benefits of eye contact are largely negated by a face mask and elbow bump, so why bother with time-intensive and ecologically painful drives, when you can meet virtually, in a fraction of the time.

For some reason, that most of us can’t actually put our finger on, the industry, or the tasks referred to as telemarketing (or rebadged as something else but amount to telemarketing calls) took a blow to their popularity in the 1990s and don’t appear to have made a comeback. What a shame, since realistically, most people are wholly reliant on nurturing trusting relationships with other people over the phone whether that’s for the purpose of selling to them, delivering a service, or meeting some need. From the NHS to the HMRC, the brief is invariably ‘build bridges, not barriers’ so getting into the hearts and minds of people in a warm caring way counts towards the successful mission of most organisations.