How to Create Powerful B2b Telemarketing Messaging

Powerful B2B Telemarketing is all about communicating product or service benefits in a way that’s compelling and captures attention. The more intelligent and persuasive your argument, the more likely you’ll be to achieve your business objectives.

Structure and content of telemarketing calls is an area many people find daunting, often resorting to writing a script to avoid brain freeze or blunderbuss attempts at drawing people into a conversation. A script is almost always the wrong approach, so what’s right? Take a look at our guide to creating a compelling case to ensure you’re as persuasive as possible next time you pick up the phone.


No matter how impressive your products or services are, people won’t want to hear a long speech about the benefits and features you have to offer. The acronym KISS is perfect for describing the best approach: Keep It Sweet and Simple.

Not only will being brief and plain-speaking endear you to the person you’re talking to, it will also help your key points to stick in their mind. Most of us can’t remember endless technical detail presented over the phone but we will recall specific unique qualities which resonated about a product or service to make them stand out.

Use simple language, avoid technical jargon and present the services you’re offering as clearly and as concisely as possible.

Proof points

There are few things more compelling than cold, hard evidence. If you can clearly demonstrate how your company can offer better value for money or a higher quality of service than an existing company, or if you can prove exactly how what you’re offering is different compared with others in the market you’ll have a better chance of success.

Before you pick up the phone, collate relevant data and proof points that help illustrate your strength.  Proof points are examples that provide irrefutable evidence of the quality, importance or uniqueness of something. Use this information to support your pitch and persuade the decision maker to take action.

Be specific

Giving specific examples of the benefits your products and services can offer will help the company you’ve contacted understand how they could be relevant to them. Asking relevant open questions will help you establish what’s important to each buyer and their commercial challenges or opportunities.

Answers to your open questions will help you base your discussion around the buyer, the business, and their specific needs. This insight will help you create dialog that is specific about how you can meet particular business needs and support their objectives.

Asking the right open questions are key here and at Blue Donkey we set a lot of store about designing and using good questioning method. When it comes to questioning techniques, personal effectiveness trainers Mind Tools say the principle of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ applies to the use of questions, if you ask the wrong one the information you get will be flawed and unhelpful.

Listen and adjust – Powerful B2B Telemarketing

Whenever the person you’re speaking to contributes to the conversation, make sure you listen to what they’re saying.

If it’s relevant, adjust the angle of your dialogue to address their concerns, objections, or queries. Involving them in the call in this way will help to create a genuine dialogue. It should also help them to see how your products or services could relate to them and demonstrate that your company is one that takes customer service seriously.

To learn more about simple, but effective powerful B2B telemarketing techniques, contact a member of our expert team or explore our site.