successful telemarketing

Successful telemarketing; There are few things more annoying than answering the telephone only to hear the caller begin reading from a pre-prepared script. Not only does this make you want to put the phone down straight away, it also gives the impression that the company calling has no idea who you are. This makes it unlikely you’ll listen to their pitch, let alone buy their products or services.

Use a stagnant script and the best case scenario is you’ll put the person you’re calling to sleep – worst case, they’ll hang up the phone before you’ve even read the first line. To help ensure you’re not putting potential customers off with your opening pitch, it’s important you tear up the script and redraw your telemarketing strategy from scratch. By using intelligent questions, up to date research and a team of callers able to engage and inform, you can transform the success of your telemarketing campaign and give your customers something to think about.

Successful Telemarketing: Know your audience

When it comes to successful telemarketing one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Every company or individual you contact will have different requirements, with all of your potential customers having their own specific reasons for needing your products or services. In order to make your calls intelligent and informative, you need to take the time to understand these individual motivations. The more you think about why a company or person may want your products or services, the easier it will be to tailor your call to peak their interest.

Be interested

The first few questions you ask when you make a telemarketing call can make the difference between success and failure. Create a series of questions that are insightful and that get to the heart of your potential customers’ interests. It’s also very important to listen and respond to the answers you’re given. Blindly ploughing on with question after question tells the caller you’re not really interested in them as a business and is a real giveaway you’re reading from a script.

Be different and give them a reason to act

The majority of the people that hang up after a few minutes or who cut you off in the middle of your intro do so because they see no difference between you and other callers. To ensure they see the value of your products or services as soon as possible, you need to be different.

Use the information you glean from your questions to tailor your discussion. The more you learn about the person or business you’re calling, the easier it will be to demonstrate the value of your products or services to that business. Once you’ve showcased the benefits of what you’re offering, you need to give the person you’re calling a reason to act. This call to action should be clear and compelling ad should be repeated a few times during your call.

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