Lead Generation

Lead Generation

New leads are the precious life blood of any business.

Blue Donkey use intelligent and sophisticated dialogue to create enduring new relationships based on the needs of individual decision makers. Far from the prosaic mass-production of large telemarketing producers, every discussion is uniquely positioned to capture the best short, medium or long term potential. By placing buyers at the heart of each call, we generate long and fruitful relationships for our clients.

In Lead Generation, our priority is to engage our clients’ target groups in truly two-way conversations. We use sophisticated techniques to probe gently but effectively, maximising your opportunities and implementing all call objectives seamlessly.

Blue Donkey is unsurpassed at identifying your particular target market, to generate new leads and create new sales opportunities. We impart positive and powerful sales messages to influential individuals, drawing on our considerable resources, talent, and telemarketing skills to win your targets’ buying decisions. Along the way, we gather valuable market intelligence and telemarketing data, discovering new opportunities and creating a dynamic sales funnel in the same integrated exercise.

Blue Donkey also offers the opportunity to reinforce your campaign with appropriate inbound B2B telemarketing services, mail contact and response handling. And of course, we have a full complement of database management with synchronisation available. Blue Donkey has been recognised time and again by global brands for our Lead Generation services – get in touch with us on 01353 724 880 to see how we can work for you.

Client Quote:

For a first meeting it couldn't have got any better