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5 super quick ways to get back your lead generation mojo: If you run a team of lead generators, or if you’re a lead generator yourself, you’ll know that staying positive and motivated are essential for achieving any kind of success. Unfortunately, however, it can be hard to remain positive and upbeat all the time, especially when the whole world seems discombobulated. And when one person is a little down, it can have a Mexican wave effect that spreads across the team.

Some natural ebb and flow of mood are, of course, normal, but for professional lead generators, it’s important they don’t allow productivity to fluctuate. So what can you do to give yourself or your team a lift? At Blue Donkey we have a few strategies to help our amazing team of aficionados get back their mojo and fly through their day.

Mindful breathing

Mindful breathing is helpful, deep breath in, hold for a few seconds, and out sloooooowly. Mindfulness is a powerful technique for managing stress, it focuses on bringing our mental state back to the present, and centering in the moment. According to experts at Positive Psychology, setting aside a few minutes each day for mindful breathing can make a big difference to your day. Mindful breathing is a tool you can use to bring yourself back to the present in stressful situations, and who wouldn’t appreciate having such a valuable tool on hand for those times in the day when you need it.

Look up

Posture is important for lead generators, on so many levels. It’s not by accident that granny used to say ‘look up’, and we use expressions such as ‘things are looking up’. Well, they are!

Looking upwards helps us to think more creatively, sit more upright, and therefore come across with better clarity. All of this helps people receive and relate to our calls in a better way, and therefore we get an improved response and a shot in the arm for our mojo. Try sticking a picture high above your desk, of a friendly face, or an inspirational image, that draws your eyes upwards and reminds you to look up and sit straight.


See people in your mind as you’re speaking on the phone. Imagine them smiling. Use the feelings this conjures up in your mind to empathise and connect with prospects more deeply. This is a great way to create an instant lift in your lead generation results because if you operate on a more human level, you’ll be liked more. This will help you build rapport, trust, and warmer relationships; powerful happy factors for lead generating.

Create positive cycles

Notice the difference your improved mind-set makes to your results. Practice being grateful to people for the time they afford you (rather than being disappointed when they don’t have time for you). These behaviours are habit forming, so before long you’ll find yourself doing them naturally and creating a virtuous cycle. And the better your outcomes, the more you enjoy and find meaning in your work, the more you want to pick up the phone.

Carry good baggage

Lead generation teams often banter about the calls and situations that crash and burn spectacularly. This is healthy and humour is always good, however, do take care not to internalise the negative aspects. If you only remember the negative or the ridiculous, when you’re feeling low those stories will collect to make the job harder. If you make a point of remembering the great times, the big hits and the people for whom you made a difference, finding and restoring your mojo will be a piece of cake.

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