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A humble smile in Lead generation agencies connect call after call all day long. Making sure each one resonates with buyers in an impactful and individual way is an art great telemarketers, and good business people alike must master. To make a success of winning new clients, the first impression is everything. Like the adage goes, first impressions last, and they do. How we come across will be a defining factor that gets the relationship off to a good strong start or a flimsy floppy one that we’ll have to find a way to recover from.

A smile helps put the call on the right footing from the get-go. Sure, you can’t see a smile communicated over the telephone, and you don’t witness the body language that accompanies the human smile, yet somehow it permeates the voice and therefore the call in more ways than one. Lead generation agencies are only too aware of the big fat benefits that come from a big fat smile, and the barriers which emerge with its absence.

Positive values

One reason a lead generation agency can’t ignore the consequence of a smiling workforce is that, like life, smiling faces find more friends. Smiling happy people have an infectious quality that makes them more appealing to others. So when the floor manager looks around the office at their sales team, a room of smiling faces is the one thing that will immediately indicate that great things are happening on the phone lines. That means that if there are leads out there, your team will reach and convert them. People who buy into the mission and values of their business, find it far easier to feel good at work. Collectively this feel-good factor builds and sustains teams that feel valued and regard their work as meaningful.

Thank you – and a humble smile

Of course, lead generation agencies can’t force people to smile, it cannot be built into the job description, and none of us are happy all the time. However, there are things that as managers we can all do, wherever we work, to create a place where employees are fulfilled and happy. A simple thank you is a wonderful example of this. Thanking people for their hard work, noticing those that go the extra mile, a gentle pat on the back, or a nod across the room. All these things, which cost nothing, and take no time, contribute towards building a culture that tells people   ‘you matter’.

Catch people doing good

Building a business that breeds job satisfaction, engagement and inspires discretional effort is something lead generation agencies like Blue Donkey must to. It’s the only way to produce the kind of intelligent telemarketing which gets results. This way of working is actually far harder than producing a load of scripted calls, which a room full of automatons dial. It requires responsibility and engagement. Without the goodwill of a happy, smiling team, it simply can’t be done. Noticing when team members achieve something goes a long way to winning their trust. Even when the achievement is apparently small or insignificant, it becomes significant, by being an opportunity to connect.

Catching people doing good instinctively feels better for managers than catching people do wrong. A happy workforce doesn’t happen by accident. It requires thoughtful and caring leadership, but the effort is seriously worthwhile. Not only does it propagate a lot of winning smiles, it makes the tough times infinitely easier to navigate because you have the assurance of knowing your team is pulling in the same direction as you. After a whole year in the sad grip of the pandemic, we’re sure Blue Donkey directors are not the only bosses who can look at their workforce and say, hand on heart, – You’re the reason we’ve survived this crisis, not us. That’s something we can all smile about.