Techniques used by telemarketing companies to reach decision makers

We all know that for someone to purchase from one business rather than another, they have to show how they’re different. Whether they get great results or have outstanding customer service, it is essential businesses tell their customers exactly why they should choose them. However, convincing people you’re special is impossible if you don’t believe 100% in the product or service you’re offering.

A telemarketing agency is representing product after product, so learning to believe is key to their very survival. As you can imagine, they must take some important first steps well before going anywhere near a phone.

Let’s get excited

Before a project is even in the planning stage, a telemarketing agency has to take time to understand a business. What makes them different, how they stand out, where competitors sit by comparison, and what clients say about them. These differentiators, and achievements that help the organisation stand out are thoroughly explored. Frankly, a good telemarketing agency will only take the projects that excite them. So for a client seeking the best partner, it’s pretty much a two-way sale in the beginning especially.

For the agency, they are hoping to become a part of the company’s future, so investing full-hearted emotion is essential. Far from being a simple list of benefits, this exploration is about really getting under the skin of a business. Understanding what it does for clients and how it can improve a company’s competitive advantage is key to building confidence. The telemarketing agency will want to make sure they’re absolutely filled with excitement and enthusiasm, to make each dial count.

Understand the business

As well as knowing products and services inside out, a telemarketing agency will familiarise themselves with the wider market. By understanding what potential buyers are choosing between, they can convincingly explain how products are different. Knowing where a company falls in the business landscape enables telemarketers to deal with objections or resistance convincingly.

Entrepreneurs starting a business will have clear ambitions and dreams about the buyers, companies, and markets they’re interested in. They will visualise success and have key brands in mind that they are looking to take market share from. Getting into the headspace of the founder and their original mission will help nurture buy-in to the business goals.

Scripts are bad for business, trust is good

Whoever needed a script to express the reasons why something matters to them? Companies that have no faith in their recruitment function, their people, or their brands need scripts. The rest of us should share the gift of knowledge with our people and let them get on with the job. A scripted call can never replicate the power, passion, and charisma of a spontaneous individual in a two-way conversation. Asking open questions, and being directed by the answer, enables the telemarketing agency to design each call around decision makers. This makes calls unique, vibrant, and produces fertile discussions that build rapport, relationships, and brand.


Another drawback of scripts is that they make all interactions the same. This isn’t fun for the telemarketer making the call, or the person receiving it. A telemarketing agency will always aim to take the different needs, preferences and goals of each prospect into account. If calls are not unique, decision makers are prevented from becoming fully engaged in the call. Where telemarketers are given the space to draw on their own personal style, they’ll be able to create heartfelt interactions. That way they can really get under the skin of the people they’re speaking to and actually enjoy their interactions.

Not only is this good for a telemarketing agency and its clients, it’s also a great way to empower agency staff. Being trusted to take on board knowledge, and make decisions about how best to use it, also benefits customer experience. For many organisations, this is becoming a key success factor, and one of the reasons candidates want to work there. According to HR News, nearly 90% of organisations say success depends on empowering frontline employees to make decisions in the moment.

The telephone is unique in its ability to connect businesses with customers and enable real communication. By being able to speak knowledgeably and freely on the phone, telemarketing agencies make the most of this powerful tool and make a positive impact on the people they’re speaking to.

By empowering their teams with the confidence and the skills they need to communicate, a telemarketing agency can free them from the script. By doing so they allow them to make calls that really make a difference. To find out more, get in touch with us today.