closing techniques

People have been using closing techniques for thousands of years. From cave men looking to secure the best trade for their excess mammoth meat to businessmen trying to negotiate a new IT contract, we’ve developed a whole range of techniques over the years to seal the deal and make that sale.

However, with the world of sales now moving faster than ever, many of these tried and tested techniques have become painfully outdated. Customers are now increasingly aware when they’re being ‘played’ and many big businesses will resent an attempt at manipulation, or having pressure placed on them by a salesperson. Old habits die hard, so it’s essential your sales team are aware of these out dated techniques if they’re going to avoid them.

To help you move your closing pitch into the 21st century, here are some of the worst offenders out there and a few alternative techniques for you to try.

The puppy dog

One of the oldest tricks in the book, the ‘puppy dog’ is a closing technique that salespeople use on buyers who are interested in a product or service but who are unsure about making a commitment. The pet shop owner convinces the buyer to take the puppy home for a night to see how they get on. As soon as the new owner has bonded with the puppy and enjoyed its company, it’s very unlikely they’ll return the puppy to the shop and the sale has been made.

The impending doom

One of the most obvious tricks in the trade, the ‘impending doom’ close is especially outdated. In fact, many professional buyers find the technique so irritating they’ll put the phone down on you as soon as you try it. Not only will this dramatically reduce your chances of success, it could also damage your business relationship in the long term. The basic idea of the technique is that the seller implies the opportunity they’re offering will disappear if the buyer doesn’t take action immediately. Most decision makers today will spot this ploy a mile off, so make sure your team avoids it at all costs.

Good cop, bad cop

The ‘good cop/bad cop’ technique plays on the fact that people like doing business with people they get on with. If you can blame someone else  – your boss, your targets, your colleagues – for the pressure you’re having to exert to get a deal, secure a contract, or recover payment, you can keep a good relationship going with your contact while pushing to seal the deal.

Alternative closing techniques

Though some people may find closing techniques useful, at Blue Donkey, we believe you shouldn’t need to use gimmicks and games to obtain your sales goals. Instead, we rely on using skilled telemarketers, a passionate message and an intelligent approach. As well as helping us to avoid sales clichés, this method allows us to build real business relationships, connect with our clients and develop contacts that will last.

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