Appointment Setting

Lead Generation

Getting face to face with the right target buyers is the single toughest challenge organisations face. Intense competition and faster industry dynamics means it’s harder now than ever.

Blue Donkey use intelligent telemarketing to harness the true power of human to human contact, like no other channel can. We use probing, intelligent discussion to draw out particular needs and opportunities, while our gently persuasive and unscripted methods compellingly communicate the differentiating factors that make your products or services important enough to warrant meeting.

We sell the sizzle, you sell the sausage…
Our experienced communicators will uncover specific needs detailing the vital who, what, when, why, and how. We’ll insert key benefits and paint effective pictures about how needs can be met. We’ll seamlessly generate appointments and action any follow up activity to ensure the meeting is concrete and welcome.

We inspire the right people to take dialogue to the next level, well-qualified appointments with target buyers, generated on the back of genuine need or interest, and a mutual desire to meet. We ensure that every appointment we make is relevant, and backed up flawlessly with the right information, properly managed diaries, and a suite of call recording facilities.

Blue Donkey are a top UK telemarketing company for Appointment Setting because we turn every brief, from the most basic to the most complex, into intelligent discussion and well-defined connections, put simply: we’ll seek out the right buyers, uncover their priorities though genuine two-way discussion, and we’ll open the door to meeting.

At Blue Donkey, our objective is to keep your sales force in front of the best decision makers who have everything they need. So set an appointment with us by calling 01353 724 880, and let us add our voice to your strengths.

Client Quote:

An excellent lead , all the sales people were very pleased with this as it was exactly the type of opportunity they are looking for; prospect site, heavily involved in competitor and looking to change! ... Fits the brief perfectly...